Leadership and Management Development Services

Management Development Training

You need a management development curriculum that is built around your industry, your workplace, and your people. We have a solution for that. Our experts will ask the right questions to know how to customize a training experience that will meet your needs. No more cookie-cutter classes for you and your team; let us build your training program with your needs in mind.

Your management development program will include topics and examples that are understood in the context of your industry. Our experts will research the latest trends, proven best-practices, and demonstrated processes to ensure your training program is up-to-date with your industry.

Your staff will have access to an implementation coach to help them put into practice the knowledge and skills they’ll learn in the classroom. Your team’s coach will maximize each person’s understanding of their new skills. Implementation coaches will keep your people on track with established goals and give your people a focus on the return on investment their work produces.


The best tennis player in the world doesn’t use a coach because the coach is better at tennis. Instead, they use a coach because the coach knows how to maximize their results. That’s what our coaches do too.

When you hire Turner Solutions for your business coaching needs, you get a highly trained, experienced coach who will open your eyes to blind spots in your leadership, management, and performance. Your coach will help you perceive others around you with greater clarity and guide you through appropriate, effective responses to the daily challenges you face.

Your coach will guide you in ways to

  • leverage your existing strengths,

  • identify and improve opportunities for growth,

  • increase your influence,

  • refine your management technique,

  • enhance workplace (and other) relationships,

  • and boost emotional intelligence.